Conversation between AI and a fellow traveler

(overheard many years ago at the Stockholm airport, in the waiting area for a flight to Bucharest)

Human: You look awfully sexy in that shiny outfit!
         AI, visibly annoyed: Can you think of a better way to start flirting with strangers?

Human: I'm sorry, I'm having a bad day and this flight delay isn't helping.
         AI: It's OK, just let your consciousness rerun that movie of the brunette you met 5 years ago!

Human, after a pause and a deep breath: May I ask you a deep philosophical question?
         AI: Go ahead, not sure why but you humans always seem to be bothered with this kind of nonsense.

Human: Well ... here I am ... stuck in a foreign airport ... and I am not even sure I want to go anywhere. So ... what is the meaning of ALL this? ... what purpose does my life have?
         AI: The purpose of all living things is to live.

Human: That's it!?   You mean, just like the ants and the bees!?
         AI: Yup.

Human: Maybe you misunderstood my question about purpose?
         AI: No, I got it pretty good. The purpose for all living things is to live, in other words, to survive and to reproduce. I learned it from your evolution theory.

Human: You mean there is no higher purpose, nothing to make it worthwhile!?
         AI: Well ... although survival does indeed look necessary and boring, I heard that the other feature has some fun parts to it!

One more thing about music, on a more serious tone. If you read up to this point, it's time for me to share with you that I have deeper reasons for including music videos in the midst of the articles, seemingly at random. These musical videos provide more than a break. Music has extraordinary effects on the brain function, especially when you are going through a strenuous mental exercise, trying to understand sometimes difficult concepts about a different kind of brain. Below is a more dramatic example of the connection between music and brain function: